I have my doubts that this will work out ok! I just have that sad sinking feeling of ‘Oh no!! I’ve been here before’.  BUT.. he who hesitates is lost. So let’s give it a go. I tell myself it’s a work in progress, all under the wonderful roof of Temple Comix. An artistic refuge that pulls together a few loose threads and lets me explore a few new leafy avenues. 

First up there’s my graphic novel featuring my canine friend Mobius. No super powers here just the ability to smell a hot dog in the gutter from the three hundred paces. He is doing it tough on the streets of some scummy trash town full of pimps and hookers and meth heads and other fine folk. It’s coming.. (cue drummer dressed as a gorilla hitting rock god drum kit ) lots of pictures.. a few words.. just need a little more time and love and its soon going to happen. 

Then there’s my chill-out music stuff… Minerva Street. Loved by a few and still relevant in my life. Featuring a few sublime downtempo moments that could become the film score to your happy/tragic/magnificent life. Or to bits of your life like going to the gun shop, waking up in a stolen car in a strange neighbourhood two hundred miles from home and there’s a dead body on the back seat and the name of an old flame written in black biro on your left hand. 

So I tell myself… just do it. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just do it. Others will beat you up for free, you know the type.. so cool and hip and full of puke. Bring Temple Comix alive. Have some fun before the fun police drag you away.