Lust for Lobster

Yesterday I called in at the Rubbish Tip Shop. This is a good place. Lots of very cool things that are unloved and need a new home. So I now have a faded red plastic rubber lobster in the front dash of my car. It cost me twenty cents. Somehow I find that symbolic of […]

Technogoya Anxiety

It’s been a few weeks and so little has happened. But that’s ok. I’ve been sorting out my pencils and upgraded my computer … my Amiga 1200 now is in a box and there’s a something very fast and big and shiny on the table. This is the world I have just let pass me […]

Temple Comix: Flux Manifesto

I have my doubts that this will work out ok! I just have that sad sinking feeling of ‘Oh no!! I’ve been here before’.  BUT.. he who hesitates is lost. So let’s give it a go. I tell myself it’s a work in progress, all under the wonderful roof of Temple Comix. An artistic refuge that […]